sabato 25 febbraio 2012

BRURAL: Art/&/of/♥/vs./or/Design

In 2011, Project 59, Inc. initiated its new program BRURAL, a series of events, based on collaboration between artists and curators from Brooklyn, NY and Ural region (Russia). Both Ural region and Brooklyn are experiencing an evident transformation from relatively “rural” places into hubs of contemporary art. Offering artists and curators an opportunity to present their works, BRURAL is examining two worlds, their relations and juxtaposition, providing a platform for interaction and partnership. The first part of BRURAL is Art/&/of/?/vs./or/Design, an exhibition curated by Agata Iordan, an art historian and curator from Ekaterinburg. It investigates, criticizes and is inspired by the symbiosis of art and design, their boundary and attitude. Art and design projects by each artist are in one space.

BRURAL: Art/&/of/?/vs./or/Design
February 26th – March 24th 2012
Friday – Sunday 1–6 pm

Curator: Agata Iordan

Sherry Aliberti, Sasha Chijhikova, Anton Curbatov, Anna Daminova, James Eads, Ruslan Khasanov, Ben Knight, Monobrow, Natalia Pastukhova, Ryan Pelter, Radya, Jennifer Revit, Natalie Ross, Sasha Saltanova, Ben Shechter, Olya Zovskaya

Opening: February 26th 6–9 pm
Performance by Sherry Aliberti: March 6th, 6 pm

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