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Lulu Lolo: Pilgrimage - Homage to Amedeo Modigliani for Angelo Riviello Post#12

Lulu Lolo: Pilgrimage - Homage to Amedeo Modigliani for Angelo Riviello Post#12

Pilgrim: Angelo Riviello
Date: October 17,2014
Place: Père Lachaise Cemetery
The Pilgrimage Request: Visit for me the grave of Amedeo Modigliani. An artist friend and rival of Picasso, who in his greatness he had the misfortune to die young.

The Pilgrimage: I had years ago made my own pilgrimage to Modigliani’s grave—and also a pilgrimage to look up at the window of the house where Jeanne Hébuterne, pregnant with their second child, in despair over the death of Modigliani, flung herself out of the window to her death.
They are buried together—now since 1930 when Jeanne’s family relented and allowed them to be united in death. 
His epitaph: “Struck down by death at the moment of glory” Her epitaph: “Devoted companion to the extreme sacrifice.” Their year and half old daughter Jeanne survived her parents.
The grave at my visit contained—remembrances of flowers, paintbrushes wrapped with ribbon, notes and drawings, and cigarettes.
While I was at the grave, a tour group came by and the tour guide immediately pointed to me and said, “You are Italian!”
and then proceeded to read my pilgrimage sign aloud—stating that this was a pilgrimage for: “Angelo Riviello”
And just across the way is the grave for Édith Piaf—a black headstone covered with floral tributes.  I thought her grave would  simply say “Édith Piaf”—instead there was a more formal inscription  “Madame LAMBOUKAS dite Edith Piaf.”

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