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July 25 / 16 August 2009

Review of Water with the exhibition of Mail Art and Video Art Festival is held from Temporary Association of Associations, a leader with the Association of Contemporary Art Utopia

This year's artistic direction was entrusted to Cataldo Colella (art critic and independent curator), in which a cure Laboratory - Site Specific by young artists under 35.

The "Chiena", with the waters of the river Tenza that are diverted into the main course of the historical center of the City of Countryside, is organized by Pro Loco, from July 18 onwards. Every Saturday and Sunday, last week of July until 16 August, with the diversion of water at night, at 24th

As already mentioned in the group, we are still awaiting the outcome of the requested funding to various institutions, which are sent in time to maturity of 15 March 2009. It seems our representatives and those who represent us in the coming months, committed and timely especially in this election campaign, both for the renewal of the Provinces and for the European Parliament.
We are nothing more than wait and think realistically self, being the group Utopia and the rest of the ATC, non-profit (no profit).

Meanwhile, we publish the invitation to attend the 27th Review of Water - The Chiena 2009, in sections of Mail Art and Video Art.
The invitation is open to all artists, who express themselves with these mezzi.e feel that the problem of water, both environmental and social policies as a vital element for survival on earth, at a time which speaks of "privatization", ie sales to multinational companies by the governments of various countries (including the Italy) and other local public institutions. In this issue, as always, will be broad interpretation of freedom of expression and creation, without limitation or censorship. The only request, the guidelines are: technical data required, the procedures and terms of participation.
After a first exhibition of mail art and showing of all videos sent to the organization, a special committee chaired by the artistic director of the Exhibition and Utopia Contemporary Art, will select the work deemed most appropriate and meaningful in their valence specification, both in terms of both quality and content of that research in both experimental and interdisciplinary Mail for Digital Art and Video Art in the ARTISTS ...
One part will be a section dedicated to artists under 35. Another section is devoted to artists over 35.

1) The Means of expression

Achievable with each technique (acrylic or watercolor painting, pastel, pencil, crayon, collage with all sorts of material, paper or not, etc.., Traditional and digital photography, computer generated graphic).
Sizes ranging from classic format of 10x15 cm. to a maximum of 30x40 cm. on extrarigido support, complete with attaccaglie (possibly not visible to the aesthetic issue) professionally fitted on the back of work.

Each work must be presented on two DVDs (PAL or NTSC), labeled with the name, title and duration of the film, and accompanied by a form of presentation, also attached with 2 high-quality images (JPG format) . In the video, do not go beyond 15 minutes duration.

Works can be sent by courier or by post no later than the deadline of 5 July 2009. Will be accepted only those works postmarked before the deadline.

The address for submission is:

International Review of Water - The Chiena
Spazio Utopia Contemporary Art
Attn Angelo Riviello
Via Arc. Carmine Cesarano No 17
84022 City of Campagna (Salerno) Italy

The organizing committee, after an initial exposure (mail art) and projection (video art), will select the most significant for the Review. All information relating to works and artists (date, time and place of display and projection) will be published on the blog:

E mail:
Art Direction Area Utopia
Tel 392.530.88.70 - 0828.46.239
Tel 338.280.00.73

All works submitted will be included nell'Archivio of Utopia, and can be grounds for the interchange of artistic, cultural and / or educational (non-profit) opportunities in the various projections of exhibitions, festivals and various reviews, which are organized throughout the year in the region and nationally, in other branches and associations of public and private spaces that interact with the Utopia Space, with information that will be posted and published on the blog:

The organization shall not be liable for any accidents that may damage the works presented (or that might get damaged already), although extreme care will have them.
Participation in the festival implies acceptance of these guidelines.
NB Follow the detailed program of review after the deadline for submitting works to be published always on the blog:
and with the maximum possible dissemination to other friends sites.

Associazione Culturale "Utopia Contemporary Art", Campagna
Cultural Association "The Way the Indies, Rome
Cultural Association "Antonino V. Rivelli, "Campagna
Associazione Culturale "Panda Productions" Campagna
Associazione Culturale "Altomare @ rte, Sperlinga (ENNA)
Association "Voices of Women", Eboli (SA)
Associazione Culturale "Amnesiac Arts", Potenza

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